Port of Oakland – Sierra Pacific Express Update

March 17, 2020
Numerous counties in the Bay Area have issued a “Shelter in Place Order” which says Bay Area residents may leave their residence only to perform “Essential Activities.” This includes Alameda County, where the Port of Oakland is located. The good news is port activities and trucking are considered “Essential Business” and those working at the port and in the supply chain are allowed to continue working.
Our entire staff is committed to moving your freight. We believe our supply chain is vital to our country and will do everything we can to keep it moving.
We are uncertain what will happen with the terminals at the Port of Oakland. While deemed an “Essential Business” they need labor to function. We have noticed today a sharp decrease in the labor working at the terminals, creating major delays. With this Bay Area “Shelter in Place Order” we believe the labor situation will only get worse. We hope we are wrong, but we want our customers to know there is an increasing likelihood of disruption.
We will continue to monitor the situation at the Port of Oakland and will update you if anything changes for the worse. If you have any orders affected by this situation, our CSR team will notify you immediately.
If you have any questions, please contact us via email or phone.
Thank you
Jeff Lawson Sierra Pacific Express 209-593-3740