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We Deliver California

Welcome to your Central California Logistics Connection. We can deliver California to you. Do you need freight services? We can help.

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How Can We Help You?

We offer strategic and convenient locations with unique temperature offerings, from blast freezing to ambient and organic.

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Proven Performance

SPWG is a top performing warehouse for leading food service, food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and retail food companies.

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24X7 Support

Our excellent customer service will make it seem like you have your own warehouse on the west coast. 
If you need web-fulfillment for a single package or you need a DC for thousands of pallets, we are your partner.

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Cost Efficient

Sierra Pacific is managed locally with low corporate overhead. Decisions are made quickly. Our employees are encouraged to find better solutions and offer continuous improvement with LEAN style thinking and metric analysis.

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Food Safety

Protecting the food supply has never been more important. Sierra Pacific has a complete food safety program and is registered with the FDA and is BIO-T ready. Complete and immediate recall tracking and detail lot and location control make sure your products are safe.

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AIB Superior

We offer strategic and convenient locations with unique temperature offerings, from blast freezing to ambient and organic.

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Sierra Pacific can make your logistical projects easier. Sierra Pacific is now offering California intrastate trucking. We can now ensure that your product is handled all the way to its destination.

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Quality in all Temperatures

Sierra Pacific is a family owned network of both cold and dry warehouses that are strategically located in the central valley of California.

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Facility Ratings

Sierra Pacific offers AIB Rated Superior facilities, Bio-T registered food grade quality facilities that are “organic compatible”. All product is tracked, handled and stored in a food safe environment with full traceability.
Sierra Pacific maintains a food safety team to keep product secure. Current AIB Rating = Superior at all locations

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Our Mission
“Sierra Pacific makes our customers successful by providing professional, superior quality, friendly, dedicated, accurate, safe and efficient warehousing and logistics services”

Our Vision
Sierra Pacific exists because of our customers, and our dedicated team of employees.  In every kind of economy, only the companies that find the most accurate and efficient way to provide services will make their customers successful.

Our Goal
We will succeed and grow by using superior processes, modern technology and accurate warehousing metrics, we will anticipate the needs of our customers and develop new ways to solve our customer’s obstacles. We react quickly to service issues and properly create innovative solutions and using best in class procedures to make our customers successful.


P R E C I S I O N • A C C U R A C Y • Q U A L I T Y • E X P E R I E N C E

We Deliver California To You.
Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group is a network of both cold and dry warehouses, strategically located in the central valley of California. Our unique 50 mile radius bridges the critical I-5 and Highway 99 corridor as well as targeting the center of the state, with easy connections to the Port of Oakland, Port of Stockton and all of the major distribution centers. The major central California food processers are all a short distance from our facilities.

We can handle millions of pounds of tomatoes or a single overnight shipment of a single bag of dried organic apricots. Your program will be handled in first class fashion at Sierra Pacific.  We are GSFI Audited and Certified by BRCGS and have a complete state of the art food safety program to keep all of your products protected.  Specialty foods are our specialty and all locations are Organic Certified and AIB Superior.

Modesto and Patterson have direct or short line train access for railcar loads and national redistribution and transloading to both the BNSF and the UP.
All of our facilities can handle crossdocking, order building, product rework, repack and reverse logistics. Our locations in Patterson and Modesto, Ca can efficiently serve local and national needs conveniently located and away from the gridlock of the Bay Area.  We are the perfect California warehousing and distribution partner.

Sierra Pacific provides many important services to help you:
• Floor and mechanical unloading and loading
• Slipsheet warehouse storage, loading and unloading
• Freight dispatching and pooling
• Consumer direct overnight fulfillment (frozen, refrigerated and dry)
• Last mile redelivery services and crossdock
• Variable lot and pallet configurations
• Reverse logistics and recoup
• Import and export through the Port of Oakland
• Vendor managed inventories
• UPS, Fed Ex and Ontrac express services
• Repackaging, relabeling and bundle wrapping
• ABC Alcohol certified warehousing and bonded wine cellar
• And much more




Sierra Pacific makes our customers successful by providing professional, superior quality, friendly, dedicated, accurate, safe, efficient warehousing and logistics services

BRCGS Certified

ORGANIC Certified

AIB Superior Rated

FSMA Ready


    Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group is GSFI Audited Certified Food Safe by BRCGS. Protecting your products is our priority. Our food safety and sanitation programs are the best in the industry and make us best in class to meet and exceed your clients’ standards. We are certified for both food storage and product repackaging. www.brcglobalstandards.com


    All Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group facilities are “Certified Organic”. All process and procedures are in place to track organic products and make sure that a full allergen program is in place. Our sanitation standards allow us to operate without chemicals to keep your product pure and safe.

  • AIB

    Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group has been AIB Superior for nearly 20 years. Even with our new GSFI certification, we still value the AIB Audit and Certification program. Our team is committed to make sure that your products are stored in the best possible conditions, and safe from any possible contamination.

  • FSMA

    FSMA ReadyThe Food Safety and Modernization Act is here and Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group is ready. Our team works with the US Government in Washington DC to make sure that we are ahead of the requirement. We like to be out in front and ready for the food safety programs for both warehousing as well as the Food Safe Transportation Act.

About Us

Our mission statement is more than just words; it is who we are.   We have a passion for performance and efficiency and want to deliver Precision, Accurate, Safe and Quality with everything we do.  We are your pit crew, your secret weapon to succeed in this competitive industry.

Sierra Pacific exists today because of our customers, and the dedicated team of employees that make them successful.  In every kind of economy, only the companies that try to find the most accurate and efficient way to do things will make their customers successful.   Every new way to slot a product, shorten the distance to the dock, pick an order faster, reduce damage, deliver faster and accurate monthly billing, makes it easier for our customers to do business with Sierra Pacific.  The better we are, the better our customers are and we value each and every one of them, large or small.  Each one of us can help make our company stronger and help create a healthy customer base for a strong and successful future.

Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group is a Modesto, California based company offering refrigerated, frozen and dry storage with locations in Modesto and Patterson.  Founded in 1986 by industry veterans Mike McNulty and Roy Atkins.  Sierra Pacific has an experienced management team in all areas of marketing, finance, and operations.  Located 75 miles from the Port of Oakland, and centrally located to major distribution centers and food processors, we are right where you want to be.  Don’t let the gridlock of the Bay Area or the mountain passes of I-80 get in the way of your business.

Decisions are made at the local level and our response times are excellent.  Our start-up team is ready to make sure that your program begins smoothly and operates error free.  We have national experience, local expertise and customer service that will make your team successful.   Sierra Pacific looks out for you and identifies ways to make your service better every day.

We specialize all-temperature warehousing services for:
– Manufacturing supply of ingredients and packaging
– Supporting fresh pack and seasonal production
– Vendor managed inventories for distribution center efficiency
– Order building and program management for retail and distribution center operations
– Pick and Pack for small orders
– Club store palletizing and product display arrangements
– Consumer direct fulfillment
– Wine and Spirits storage and shipment
– Bonded Wine Cellar pre-tax warehousing
– Product repackaging, kitting, bundling, shrink film and relabeling
– Transportation management via Sierra Pacific Express and common carriers
– Organic and specialty food products
– Import and Export through the Port of Oakland

Food Safety is our priority

Sierra Pacific offers versatile and customized “Superior” rated food grade warehousing, providing a wide range of services that forge partnerships with suppliers both large and small.   Our facilities are GSFI Certified and Audited by BRCGS and our facilities are AIB Superior.  Sierra Pacific is active with the US Government and Industry associations for food security.

Food Service Expertise

Sierra Pacific delivers award winning experience with detailed customer order based programs with companies like Sysco, US Foodservice and others, supplying their distribution network delivering 99.99% performance rating.  Sierra Pacific was named one of the top performing Sysco forward warehouses servicing over 60 operating companies, winning both their Silver Award and Gold Award for logistics excellence. We can do the same for you.

We sweat the details

Sierra Pacific is able to create customized warehousing program for each customer with a variety of product handling skills.  Sierra Pacific is able to handle the smallest UPS or FedEx transaction to full rail car-loads destined for the east coast and containers for import and export.  Our team is trained and ready to serve you.

Robust WMS Systems

Sierra Pacific uses the Maves International RF enabled warehouse management system. This is a highly stable Linux operating system with Client Web access with full range VAN and AS/2 EDI services.  We are compatible with most all EDI services and are SAP connection and transaction specialists.   We can even take your spreadsheet, and turn it into an EDI transaction.

We can grow with you

Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group currently manages over a million square feet and has the ability to expand if required.  Sierra Pacific performance helps clients grow with superior service and support. We are here for you now and in the future

National Network
Not only can we deliver California to you, we can deliver the USA, Canada and Mexico. Sierra Pacific is a proud member of the World Group, strategic partnerships in key areas that make your distribution seamless. Please contact us for nationwide service and we will make sure you get connected. http://theworldgroup.com/