Operating in the New Normal

Greetings Sierra Pacific Clients
It has been an interesting last 60 days. Our world has changed, the rules have changed and the new “Normal” is being developed as we go. We hope that you, your families and your teams are all safe and healthy.
Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group is proud to be part of the essential food chain and part of your network. Our first priority is the safety of our team, your products and that we continue to get the job done. To date, we have performed at 100% through all of the COVID situation, and have created an even safer workplace for our teams.
We have been providing daily meals to our team and truck drivers to show our appreciation to those that keep our food moving. We have doubled our SPWG “Clean Team” to make sure facilities, surfaces, doors, counters are sanitized multiple times daily. In addition to our already BRC Certified Food safety programs, we have implemented outside professional deep clean and sanitize services and have built a new perimeter to insure truck driver hygiene and have installed sneeze guard windows for every place where an outside person interacts with our company.
In addition, we are proud to reward our team that trusted us to have a safe workplace and came to work every day to make sure your products are shipped safely and accurately through these times and have paid an “appreciation bonus” directly to them. Our team morale is positive and welcomed during this time.
At this time, all external persons arriving at our facility must wear face covering, including all truck drivers. SPWG personnel are required to wear face covering when not at personal work stations or on mechanical equipment or where distancing can not be practiced.
We are committed to operating a safe place for your products and our team. We look forward to continued safe operation and even when we return to the new normal, we will keep many of the safeguards we installed in place for the future and will remain vigilant.
I thank you for your partnership.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Chris Murphy CEO- Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group 209-534-1704